U Gem heldere (en langere?) uitbarsting?


Bericht van de BAAVSS alert list:

The current outburst of U Gem is a bright one. Last night it was visible in 15x70 binoculars and estimated with the C8 at:

28 Dec 2021 2042GMT A(1)V(2)B 8.8mv

From a review of my U Gem observations made since 1981 (all reduced to the current sequence of 008.04), this exceeds my previous brightest estimate:

27/09/2008 0352GMT A(1)V(1)B 9.0mv

Since the outburst is still in the early stages it is worth looking out for a slight dip followed by a recovery which is often a feature of long outbursts; assuming this becomes a long outburst, they tend to be brighter.

John Toone
Bovenaan Onderaan