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The Astro Spectroscopy Event of the year 2021

Ernst Pollmann

The Astro Spectroscopy Event of the year:
VEGA 2021, May 13 to 15, 2021 (Salzburg, Austria)

The world wide most interesting astro spectroscopy event of the year 2021 will be the conference VEGA in Salzburg (Austria) for Amateurs in collaboration with the professional astronomy.

Professional astronomers and amateurs will report in talks and presentations of the recent state of modern research, observations and campaign results, methods of reduction, evaluation and interpretation of different object spectra (among others B stars, Binary stars and related objects).

The web address below will give an overview of the speakers, who will attend 2021 at the conference VEGA. Further information are available at the VEGA website:

Ernst Pollmann and Manfred Schwarz
Bovenaan Onderaan