International Spectroscopy Symposium for Amateurs VEGA 2019


Op vraag van Ernst Pollmann, onderstaande aankondiging:

Invitation to the "International Spectroscopy Symposium for Amateurs VEGA 2019"

This conference will take place from May 30th to June 1th 2019 in a unique facility, a 2018-built double observatory near the city of Salzburg in Austria. It is dedicated predominantly to amateurs, who are interested in spectroscopy in astronomy. It offers highly interesting talks of professional astronomers and amateurs and workshops in the field of astrospectroscopy and astrophysics.

Detailed information about the program of the event as well as registration and participation can be found at:

In case of any further questions, please ask.


Best wishes, Ernst Pollmann
International Working Group ASPA
Active Spectroscopy in Astronomy

Ernst Pollmann

Dear colleagues,
here a reminder to this conference.
In order to prevent confusion:
This conference has nothing to do with the meeting of the VdS-group.

Ernst Pollmann
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