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Max - I use Starlight Xpress CCDs and the control software includes a one click profile option - can't get a quicker fix than that
VisualSpec, Iris and AstroArt all profile spectra but at any angle across frame. Methane reference from old books like Larousse Encyclopedia of Astronomy - Batchworth Press - 1959. Here’s some of my equipment project links covering prisms and
gratings - both transmission and reflective types that I hope is useful..
spectro for beginners simple spectra via CD/DVD
simple digicam spectra - grism
simple digicam spectra – prism
simple prism spectra via Canon Rebel
drift spectra via Canon Rebel
deepsky filter tester
cereal-box spectroscope
spectra via chromatic aberration
BAA spectro letter

WPO Mk I spectrograph
WPO Littrow spectrograph
faint object lo-res Littrow spectrograph
Littrow prism spectrograph
lo-res-lunar spectrograph
hi-res solar Ebert spectrograph
split field spectrograph for SNe

commercial spectrographs
SBIG SGS spectrograph review + mods
Rainbow Optics grating review
Sivo spectrograph review

Yahoo groups
amateur astro spectroscopy
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