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Dwergplaneet Xena heet nu Eris

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    Dwergplaneet Xena heet nu Eris

    14 September 2006
    Dwergplaneet Xena heet nu Eris

    De grootste dwergplaneet van het zonnestelsel heeft een officiële naam gekregen. De ijzige rots werd drie jaar geleden ontdekt als 2003 UB313 en kreeg als bijnaam Xena.

    De naam was afkomstig uit de tv-serie Xena: Warrior Princess. De Internationale Astronomische Unie heeft nu bepaald dat de dwergplaneet Eris moet heten, naar de Griekse godin van de tweedracht.

    De ontdekking in 2003 leidde tot veel commotie. Omdat Eris groter is dan Pluto brak er een discussie los over de vraag wat precies een planeet is. Vorige maand werd de knoop doorgehakt: Pluto is geen planeet, maar een dwergplaneet.

    bron: NOS.nl
    "Truss me, I'm solid." - Bouwe Dob

    Dat is makkelijker te onthouden en op te schrijven. Mooie naam ook vind ik.

    Gegroet Eris!
    "Wir sind Sternguckers und auch Fossil. Du?"
    - Roel & Steem, 2019


      Eris is véél beter dan Xena. Ik had zowieso altijd al een hekel aan die serie, dus ik ben wel blij met die naam!
      Vuja De': the strange feeling you get that nothing has happened before.


        Ik kijk nooit TV dus ik wil Xena terug.
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          Xena is toch geen naam voor een dwergplaneet? Als we nu al gaan beginnen om objecten naar tv-personages te noemen, waar is het einde dan? Ik heb de naam Xena expres bijna nooit gebruikt, om te voorkomen dat ik er aan zou wennen. Iedereen wist toch dat het maar een bijnaam was en dat de naam nog veranderd zou worden? Vandaar dat ik altijd sprak van 2003 UB313 en nu dus van Eris.

          De naam Eris is zeer toepasselijk gezien de mythologische achtergrond. Mijn gok van de naam was dus fout. Ik dacht dat de naam Persephone of Presorpina zou worden. Helaas.

          http://www.astrostart.nl/nieuws2.php?su ... =&ucat=91&
          This person attempts not to panic, with the aid of several towels.


            vorig jaar las ik een artikeltje waarin diverse namen werden voorgesteld voor het object 2003UB313. Wel leuk om dat nu terug te lezen.
            Hier volgt de tekst:

            Your top 10 names for the tenth planet
            16:01 08 August 2005
            NewScientist.com news service
            Sean O'Neill
            On 30 July, the world learned of a new addition to our solar system – a tenth planet. The distant body will receive a name, most probably the as-yet-undisclosed suggestion made by its discoverer, Mike Brown. But wanting to know your opinion, and having provided a few guidelines, we have been overwhelmed by the response.
            The top 10 names you suggested, along with the reasons, are below. And we have added a few more of the smartest or most amusing ideas. Thanks for taking part.

            1. Persephone (Greek) or Proserpina (Roman)Many considered this the obvious favourite for naming the new planet, since Roman mythology has it that Pluto (or Hades, in Greek mythology) kidnapped Persephone, and made her his wife. So distraught was Persephone’s mother that her grief created winter. Very apt, since planets do not, as yet, get any colder than our most distant new addition. The only, but significant, problem with this name is that is already taken. As Brown himself points out: “Sadly, the name was used in 1895 as a name for the 399th known asteroid."

            2. Peace (or its Latin root, Pax)
            In a war-torn world, and with terrorism rife, many of you want to use the new planet to send a message. Patricia Schiavone, of Montevideo, Uruguay summed it up: “I'd call it Pax because we all feel peace to be very far away, yet it reflects what most people were wishing for when this new planet was discovered."

            3. Galileo
            Often referred to as the “father of modern astronomy” and credited with construction of the first astronomical telescope, Galileo was the leading suggestion for naming the new planet after a real person. Guillermo Dotto in Buenos Aires, Argentina, summed up voters' feelings: “I would name it after Galileo, the genius who provided the means to search outer space.”
            Other votes for real people included Isaac Newton, Brahms, Isaac Asimov, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Carl Sagan, Euclid, Stephen Hawking, Mother Theresa, Copernicus, Aristotle and Arthur C Clarke.

            4. Xena
            Xena, after TV’s Warrior Princess, was the name Mike Brown and his team gave the planet upon first discovering it. He later said “that was our tongue-in-cheek internal name, never intended for public consumption". Nevertheless, the mythical-sounding name caught your imagination. And, as Andrew Gregurich of Michigan, US, pointed out: “You could stick with Xena. She might not like it if you changed the name. HIYAH!”

            5. Rupert
            It might seem like an unlikely name for a planet, and it probably would be. But in the fourth book of the Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy “trilogy” - Mostly Harmless - author Douglas Adams describes a tenth planet around the Sun: “The planet was named Persephone, but rapidly nicknamed Rupert after some astronomer's parrot - there was some tediously heart-warming story attached to this - and that was all very wonderful and lovely.”

            6. Bob
            This name tickled many a funny bone, it seems. Raffy E, in California, US, explains his reasons for choosing it: “It's one word, easy to pronounce, inoffensive, and imagine the jokes that'll come out of the scientific community for years after! Also, I think Uranus needs a break, don't you?”

            7. Titan
            This was another popular choice, but again has already been taken, as those of you who have been reading our Cassini: Mission to Saturn special report already know. The report contains several stories of the Cassini mission’s discoveries on Titan - a giant moon around Saturn.

            8. Nibiru
            Nibiru, is the name ancient Babylonians gave to a heavenly body associated with their chief deity, Marduk. According to ancient Sumerian tablets, it also referred to a mysterious Planet X – at that time undiscovered. Some voters believe that the writings have now come true. Others, like Mario De Leo of Mexico City, Mexico, just like the idea of it: “It's easy, short, nice sounding and has a big, big story behind it.”

            9. Cerberus
            Cerberus is the three-headed beast that guarded the gates of Hades (the Greek underworld). Alex Ijzerman, of the Netherlands, says: “In mythology Cerberus is the guard-dog of the Greek underworld. He’s the solar system's guard dog, you could say. Beyond it lies undiscovered country into which we are unable to pass at this moment.”

            10. Loki
            This Norse god of mischief is described by Wikipedia as “a master of guile and deception - not so much a figure of unmitigated badness as a kind of celestial con man”. Many readers thought this persona suited the tenth planet very well. Vern, in Massachusetts, US, agrees wholeheartedly: “Loki has similar underworld associations as Pluto but in the Norse mythology. And, because this discovery has instigated such a difficult debate about what is or is not a planet, the name of a "trickster" who causes such trouble is right on the money.”

            The power of 10
            Many voters liked the idea of naming the planet based its tenth position in the heavens: Decimal, Dekatos, Planet X, Decanus, Decimus, X, Decadia, Deka, Deca and even Dekatoo.
            Dishan Marikar, of Victoria, Australia, suggested the name Bolero, “as it was famously used in the soundtrack for the movie 10 with Bo Derek and Dudley Moore.
            And we also had several votes for the name Maradona. Curiously, our Argentinean readers all seem to agree that footballer Diego Maradona is the best number 10 that ever lived.
            And finally…
            Some people chose to take an especially original approach to the challenge of suggesting the planet's name. Here are our favourites:
            Julian, from Brisbane, Australia, wrote: “I think the new planet should be called Namakakiweyho. Why? Because I think it's a great sounding name, and it's probably never been used for anything before!”
            Jessika Scheuenstuhl, in California, US, wrote: "My planet name is Cananeesta. My father used to make up bedtime stories for me, and Cananeesta was his main character. She was a space traveller who loved peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
            David Field, in Kingsbridge, UK, wrote: “My proposed name is Selsia. This was the name of an unforgettably pretty young lady from my adolescence, nearly 60 years ago.”
            Colton Harris, in Illinois, US, provided our editor’s favourite response, when he wrote: “My suggestion for the new planet’s name is R2D2. I am a 6 year old boy, I want to be the first human being to walk on the planet Mars!”
            Harro bekijkt de hemel het liefst met een grote Newton en een goed gezelschap (560mm F/3,6 zelfbouw trussdobson met optiek van John Nichol Optical :)


              Leuk stukje Harro. Grappig dat de naam Bob langs komt, wie de animatiefilm Titan A.E. heeft gezien begrijpt wat ik bedoel. Deze film een tijd geleden gezien, maar naar ik me kan herinneren is het een echte aanrader. Leuk verhaal, mooie animatie, met name het einde is spectaculair gemaakt.
              "Wir sind Sternguckers und auch Fossil. Du?"
              - Roel & Steem, 2019


                Leuke bestemming voor New Horizons na zijn bezoek aan Pluto, of liggen ze ver uit elkaar?
                "Dat is geen bewolking! Dat zijn de Magelheanse wolken.."


                  Origineel geplaatst door Timothy
                  Leuke bestemming voor New Horizons na zijn bezoek aan Pluto, of liggen ze ver uit elkaar?
                  Xena ligt veel te ver weg, als ik het goed heb zeker nog 3 keer zo ver als Pluto.

                  (Misschien zit-ie ook nog wel aan de 'andere kant' van de zon )


                    Origineel geplaatst door Marijn
                    Xena ligt veel te ver weg, als ik het goed heb zeker nog 3 keer zo ver als Pluto.

                    (Misschien zit-ie ook nog wel aan de 'andere kant' van de zon )
                    Is alletwee waar
                    This person attempts not to panic, with the aid of several towels.


                      Wat ik dan wel weer grappig vind is dat Eris in het Latijn "jij zult zijn" betekent, dus wie weet :P