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    Ik kan me voorstellen als dit niet helemaal thuis hoort in deze categorie.....laat het gewoon asjeblieft eventjes staan voor de liefhebbers...dan zal ik het over een week zelf wel verwijderen.....dank je wel....

    Veel tekst, maar voor een ieder B5 gezien heeft, zitten hier echte gillers bij!!
    + nog 2 plaatjes van Vorlonships


    your hairstyle matches Londo's.

    your sexual fantasies include Delenn.

    you believe that in a past life you were a member of the Grey Council.

    you can't shake the feeling that DS9 is B4.

    the only ancient history you know is Babylon's.

    you pretend to blackmail Londo.

    there is a hole in your mind.

    you think vulcans are members of the Psi Corps.

    you wonder who would win a fight between a Minbari and a Vulcan.

    your .newsrc contains only the line "rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5: 1-183406".

    you keep saying "data crystal" instead of "disc".

    you finger sinclair@b5.mil.ea and wonder why doesn't it work. ... then you remember that he's now sinclair@ea_embassy.minbar.gov.

    ... it doesn't work either, and then you conclude it must be a problem with the nameserver.

    ... so you try Valen@... aw, skip it!

    someone uses insecticide, and you shout "Do you wanna kill N'grath? Are
    you mad?". ... then you don't understand why everyone stares at you.

    you try to watch Mutai fights on ESPN.

    ... you actually call them to complain about it.

    you want to brain wipe someone you really hate.

    you think Darth Vader is a Vorlon.

    you think Chekhov was really Bester doing an undercover spying mission.

    you want to become member of the Third Fain of Chudomo.

    you believe the Grim Reaper is a soul hunter.

    you wonder what did Captain Kirk do during the Earth/Minbari war.

    you want to know if there are any xenobiology courses in med school.

    you ask politics experts wether Al Gore has got the flu already.

    you are upset because CNN doesn't report anything about Ragesh 3.

    you wonder what's wrong when you calculate your age as >300.

    your biggest worry is Narn expansionism.

    ... but recent events change that to *Centauri* expansionism.

    you fart, and that makes you think of Vorlons.

    you keep on thinking what went wrong in the Battle of the Line.

    your first son has just been born, and you can't think of any names other than Londo, Lennier and Kosh.

    you pretend to spend some vacations on Mars.

    ... and book a reservation on the Red Planet Hotel.

    your dreams include something scary about flutes made up of bones.

    you're afraid that your soul will escape if you're cut open.

    you think Ivanova *IS* God.

    you ask the Air Force recruiter about the Starfury Training Program.

    you go to the produce section of the grocery store and ask if their spoo is fresh.

    your wardrobe consists of nothing but white,

    military-pressed collarless shirts and military pressed slacks.

    you wonder who would win a testosterone battle between Garibaldi and Tim Allen.

    you tell the plastic surgeon you want to have an operation to make you an anatomically correct Centauri.

    you have a bumper sticker that says "My other car's a Starfury".

    you have a bumper sticker that says "Warning: Fully loaded Cobra Bay in trunk".

    you have made a PPG.

    you start scouring the world to try and find enough Quantium-40 to make a jump-point generator.

    you change from zip then fasten to fasten, then zip.

    your WWW client's hot list has over 100 entries and 95% of them point to Babylon 5 pages.

    you keep a notepad and pencil next to your bed so that you can write down what Kosh says in your dreams, should Kosh happen to appear.

    ... and you go through at least one notebook a week.

    ... and to be sure, you also write down everything your father says in your dreams.

    at work, you don't go to strikes because of fear of the Rush Act.

    you go asking everyone "What do you want?".

    you wonder why Lt. Barclay bears a striking resemblance to that demented war vet in Downbelow.

    ... and you wonder how Bester and this war vet got to different Enterprises in different centuries via the same rift that ate B4.

    the phone rings, and instead of picking up the receiver you tap the back of your hand.

    you go to the aquarium and wonder if there's any significance to the fact that there's a kind of fish called the Garibaldi.

    you call your cable operator and ask what cable package comes with ISN.

    you are watching Letterman when the camera flashes to the audience. Two women are sitting quietly, not laughing at the jokes and wearing black gloves. You immediately shout, "Psicorps!".

    you wreck your car on the highway by spinning the wheel fully around while traveling at 80 miles per hour, trying to imitate Sheridan as he's leaving the station in _All Alone in the Night_.

    you wonder where the hell is that clean, efficient Minbari power source for your new motorcycle.

    you catch yourself looking for rangers in the background while watching an opera.

    you skive off work just to see what the TV listings magazines have to say about the new episode within an hour of them appearing on the shelves.

    you call your travel agent and try to arrange passage to Minbar and get directions to the Earth embassy.

    you're planning your vacation, and the only place that appeals to you is Molari State Park.

    you bite into some fried chicken and say, "Hey, tastes just like Narn!".

    you see "Norton utilities for people", and your brain sees "Morden utilities for people".

    you'd like to introduce your sister to Lennier.

    you begin fantasizing political conspiracies at your family reunion.

    you wish you could stand up when driving your car.

    the entire weekend is devoted to preparing and eating one meal.

    while watching football, all the blockers look kinda like Kosh.

    when conversing with a Star Wars fan you claim that "My Shadows can kick your Dark Side's butt".

    Barney and Baby Bop look like a viable alien race.

    ... until you realize that one is purple, and the other is green.

    you begin to wonder if Bester and Deanna Troi are related. you fantasize about how JMS would have written "The Andy Griffith Show".

    you realize that the "Psychic Friends Network" is actually the PR division of the Psi Corps.

    you are spending the night in a shelter to wait out hurricane Erin, and your only thought is "I'm going to miss Babylon 5 tonight for sure!"

    you are disappointed that your newspapers religion page doesn't list a Foundationist church.

    your dreams don't simply include B5 characters and scenes, instead they are full new episodes.

    you trust the Psi-Corps, because the Corps is your friend. you try alligator at a restaurant, and all you can think of to say is "Tastes like Narn!".

    you have always been here.

    you go to the basement and expect to find a moment of perfect beauty in the darkness.

    you look for airlocks to shove irritating people through.

    "Scrag 'em" and "Space 'em" have become part of your normal vocabulary.

    you call B5-related conversations "dis-kosh-ion"s.

    you think genies were Shadow agents.

    you back off whenever people ask "What do you want?".

    you see a spline-based screen saver, and immediately wonder if Abel Horne has just interfaced with Control via that computer.

    you actually try to make sense out of which side the red thing on Ivanova's uniform is facing on a particular episode.

    you turn a mis-printed M&M upside-down and see the Psi Corps logo instead of an "m".

    you ask jewelry stores if they carry gravity-control rings.

    you offer to bring the little pieces of red fruit to a friend's wedding.

    ... and then can't keep yourself from saying 'And so it begins' during the ceremony.

    you wonder wether Cylons have anything to do with the Shadows.

    you wonder wether Starbuck is a ranger.

    you're not thinking what you're thinking. you're bored of paying taxes for subsidizing those martian twits.

    you get a headache and wonder if you've been through Sector 14.

    you start wondering why Oliver Stone didn't mention the Psi Corp's involvement in the Kennedy assassination.

    buying candy from a vending machine, you buy whatever is at selection B-5 (or you at least look there).

    you cut yourself just to verify your blood is red - not yellow or green.

    Quentin Tarantino appears on a call-in program, and you call to ask if it was Ambassador Kosh in the briefcase in 'Pulp Fiction'.

    you look up the name 'Morden' in your local phone book. ... and when you find one, you call him up and ask him to have his associates pay a visit to the Warner Bros. exec who decided to delay broadcast of the final four season two episodes.

    ... and then you start reading the obituaries in 'Variety' hoping to see news that a Warner Bros. exec died under mysterious circumstances.

    you start dating someone because when you ask 'What do you want?' they reply 'Never ask that question!'.

    ... and later break up over a green/purple argument.

    you are watching ALIENS and you think the Alien queen is really one of the Shadows and wonder how Ripley is going to see her through its "invisibility" screen.

    you constantly call all world governments to come together before the coming of the Shadows.

    you feel you're being nibbled to death by cats.

    at a relative's deathbed, you begin forming a wall of bodies, in case a Soul Hunter appears.

    you see a beautiful girl wearing purple smiling at you, but decide not to approach her because you're wearing green and realize that it could never work out.

    you commit murder because you were disturbed while watching it.

    you are shopping for a new vehicle and the only ones that you are interested in are Ford Rangers and Dodge Shadows.

    ... and you ask the salesman to demonstrate the hyperspace capabilites of the Dodge Shadow.

    ... but you hesitate when you realize that once you're in one of those things you're never... quite... the... same... (but you do as you're told!)

    ... and you make sure your wife WON'T get anywhere near one of those.

    you look for Mr. Garibaldi to hug when you're feeling insecure.

    you want to build a statue to Zathras.

    your car sings to you while you're sleep.

    you ask people "Who are you?", and when they don't answer correctly, you stick their fingers in an electrical socket.

    you rack your brain trying to figure out how the Forces of Light are going to defeat the Shadows, especially considering how dangerous the Shadow ships are to other ships.

    you check the WWW Lurker site every day for the latest news, and spend your lunches and breaks at work studying the home page sections.

    you have memorized "Signs and Portents" and "The Coming of Shadows", after having seen each episode on tape about a hundred times.

    you have memorized an enormous quantity of B5 trivia, and consider yourself an expert on the subject, even challenging people to quiz you on anything about the show.

    you plan an expedition to Z'ha'Dum to rescue Sheridan's wife.

    you consider killing President Clark yourself, but then realize that it wouldn't really help the situation.

    you threaten someone you hate with the phrase "You will know pain, and you will know fear, and then you will die.".

    you actually have said "Absofraginglutely."

    you want a "Ba-bear-lon 5".

    ... then you hijack a shuttle and search for THE 'Ba-bear-lon 5'.

    you wonder why the UN has not passed a resolution condemning the Centauri for their aggression and use of outlawed weapons.

    you want UN peacekeepers sent to the Narn homeworld. you accidentally cut yourself and all you can say is, "Dead, Dead, Dead...".

    you check for Narn before entering a elevator.

    you try to buy a TV station that runs B5, and then try to have its call letters changed to KOSH.

    you don't trust anyone named 'Sebastian'.

    you panic when someone asks 'Who are you?'.

    you look for an investigative reporter to do an expose' on the Nightwatch.

    you put a Vorlon on top of your Christmas tree.

    you start looking for "attributes" on your stomach.

    you have just been thru a life threatening situation and all you can think of saying is "Thank the Great Maker.".

    you decide that your wife would look good bald.

    you begin to become attracted to Vir.

    you start talking to household appliances and your car.

    you see the headlights of an oncoming car and you think it's a couple of Vorlons.

    you begin wondering when the rangers are going to overthrow the Grey Council.

    you wonder how to hide a Narn war cruiser in your backyard for sanctuary.

    you begin to plot the death of Psi Corps for what they did to Talia.

    you mark the upcoming episode titles in your datebook. you decide it's better not to tell yourself what it is that you do not need to know.

    entering a church, you find the Holy Water but can't help wondering where the Minbari and Human blood is.

    while driving, you suddenly have an irresistible urge to "punch it".

    your boss tells you he expects you to read his mind and you immediately suspect he may be a Psi Corp spy.

    you are suddenly afraid of your own shadow and want to ask Delenn what it means.

    you start having romantic feelings for G'Kar.

    someone asks you what time it is and you reply, "It's the dawn of the third age...".

    you listen to the music instead of the song when you seek for meaning.

    you arrange a meeting with someone at the hour of scampering.

    you are happy now that the case of Jack the Ripper is finally closed.

    you consider the possibility that the world is right and you are wrong.

    you see a spider on your wall and the first thing you think of is how much it looks like a Shadow ship.

    ... then you're afraid to smash it for fear of being cut in half by a purple ray.

    ... Heck, you aren't even going to touch it with your bare hand!

    you think that Mulder and Scully are doing a very bad job - after all, undeniable proof of extraterrestrial life has been widely known for about a century.
    Polarex 75/1200 - Polarex 60/700
    D70 - F80 - F50
    50mm/f1.8 - 105mm/f2.8 - 300mm/f4
    18~70mm/f3.5~4.5 DX, 35~80mm/f4~5.6, 70~300mm/f4~5.6, 80~400mm/f4.5~5.6

    - you panic when someone asks 'Who are you?'.
    - someone asks you what time it is and you reply, "It's the dawn of the third age..."


    Leuk lijstje! Ook mooie foto's, vooral de laatste.