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Spectroscopy day

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    Spectroscopy day

    Dear Jean-Pierre,
    thanks a lot for the wonderful "Spectroscopy Day".
    It was a great pleasure for me to be there and to listen to all the interesting talks.
    I am really surprised about the huge amount of the spectroscopic interested colleagues.
    Despite I am active in the ARAS spectroscopy forum, it would be nice, if I would have possibilities here in this forum to win colleagues for exchange in observation results.
    And particularly in this sense I would like to give an attention on the spectroscopic workshop in spring at the CFG observatorium in Wuppertal. This workshop ist already published here in this forum.

    Ernst Pollmann

    Hi Ernst and welcome here on the astroforum.nl, I'm Patrick, the guy that met you in the early morning in the bar (we both were too early). I'm moderator on this forum. You can surely use this forum for observation results exchange. We also have a special part on the astroforum for events, it is here: https://www.astroforum.nl/forum/over...-bijeenkomsten
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